Sonic: Frontiers


Teaser Trailer

From an early teaser through the launch trailer and beyond, we delivered engaging video assets throughout the entire campaign.

The Game Awards Announce Trailer

We were thrilled to be a part of one of the campaign highlights as the announce trailer dropped at The Game Awards. This special event revealed the name of the game (which we created) as well as the first visuals which were met with acclaim.

The event was so successful it even earned more views and tweets than the Sonic 2 movie trailer, which premiered the same night (but with a much larger promotional push).

Gamescom Story Trailer

Pre-Launch Trailer

Launch Trailer

Another highlight, was working on the Launch trailer and helping procure the massive Queen hit, “Don’t Stop Me Now” for the perfect pairing. The trailer was seen worldwide on digital, broadcast, and in theater.

Live Action Spots

While the previous trailers were gameplay focused, our final spots of the campaign were tailored to very specific audiences and utilized completely different production methods.

While both were live action, one was a multi-day shoot in LA and the other leveraged a simple table top shoot on a stage. Each performed very well and hit their intended audiences. And the game went on to be one of the top selling Sonic games.

"Don't Stop Me Now"

"Gift Giving"