Knockout City

Velan Studios

Season 6

For their milestone 6th season, Knockout City needed a celebratory launch trailer and a fresh creative approach to capture new players’ attention.

We spearheaded multiplayer game capture and developed a refreshed brand visual look and graphics package to illustrate the on-screen action with a sport-sciencey flair, getting players new and old psyched to grab a ball and dive in.

Season 7 Teaser and Trailer

Then came Season 7, Mutant Mutiny, which was one of the biggest seasons in Knockout City history. We introduced the Teenage Mutant Turtles as playable characters and took multiplayer capture to the next level with our fluid action and storytelling.

Season 7 Teaser

"Mutant Mayhem" Trailer

Season 7 Special Content

Goober EP Teaser

Goober EP Lyric Video

Season 8

We kept the momentum going for season 8 with a noir-inspired trailer for the ultimate delight and surprise.

Sesaon 8 Teaser

"Thrill of the Chase" Trailer

Season 9

Then came the swashbuckling season 9 which also served as an epic grand-finale adventure for fans.

"Captain Mad's Briefing" Trailer