Sonic: Frontiers Case Study



To help fans understand the title’s unique take on open world games, our strategy borrowed the concept of “zones” from classic Sonic games to plant the idea of Sonic’s first “open zone” game.


We created the teaser trailer, the official announce trailer, three different story/feature trailers, the primary launch trailer (for which we licensed Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”).

We also named the game.

For media strategy and execution, in addition to tactics designed to target (in compliance) kids, families, and adult gamers, we identified cultural moments to capitalize on Sonic’s status as a pop culture icon, like collaborating with MrBeast and an extensive OOH campaign in NYC and LA, including Times Square.

Mr Beast x Sonic Frontiers

Merrick x Sonic Frontiers


Sonic Frontiers became the best-selling Sonic game in 10 years, helping to breathe life back into Sonic games among core Sonic fans and a new generation of fans alike.